Fahasa to Drop Plastic Bags, Use Paper Wrappings Next Month

The most popular Vietnamese bookstore chain recently announced their latest effort to move away from single-use plastic.
Starting August 1, Fahasa will use a paper band to wrap books purchased from their shops for customers who bring their own bag, according to an update on the bookstore chain's Facebook page. The post, which was uploaded on July 20, received much praise and support from social media users.
For stationery items such as pens, pencils and cases, Fahasa will use bags and wrappers made of recycled newspapers and magazines. These recycled paper bags are part of the bookstore's initiative announced in Maythis year. In 2019, Fahasa wants to use 500,000 paper bags to replace 10% of the nylon bags that the bookstore chain uses.
For the time being, Fahasa will still offer biodegradable plastic bags for customers who need them and for purchases that require bigger containers. However, the company announced back in May that in coming years, Fahasa aims to slowly replace nylon bags with bags made from recycled papers and eventually manufacture bigger packages made of fabric and paper to accommodate larger items.  

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